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By now you may have heard some of the buzz about medical transcription and how it is one of the most popular home based medical careers in the world!  Are you also aware that the medical transcription industry is experiencing explosive growth?  The only thing limiting the medical transcription industry at this point is a lack of trained medical transcriptionists.  This is where a quality Medical Transcription School comes in.
While there are a number of medical transcription training options out there, let’s be clear about one thing. Not all Medical Transcription Schools are created equally.  It is all too easy to spend a lot of time, money, and aggravation, and still end up with a poor to marginal training experience and no job to show for it.  Pretty much the worst of all possible worlds, right?

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When my wife got into medical transcription she didn’t go to a medical transcription school. In fact, medical transcription schools back then (and it hasn’t been THAT long ago!) were pretty much unheard of.  Oh a few community colleges attempted to provide medical transcription training by offering a medical terminology and a human anatomy course combined with a couple of hours of practice on canned dictation files.  But most medical transcriptionists didn’t go to school – they were trained on the job.
And I can assure you… THAT medical transcription school is the school of hard knocks.  It is difficult and frustrating to learn something while also trying to be productive. There were a lot of sleepless nights and a lot of hand wringing, intermixed with a good number of screams and tears. 
Had my wife been able to enroll in a well structured medical transcription school on the other hand - training at home, on a part time basis; learning everything she needed to know with a healthy dose of actual physician dictated practice – and all without the stress of production goals… now THAT would have been infinitely easier on her and our entire family.  Unfortunately, such a medical transcription school didn’t exist.  At least, not THEN…

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