Medical Transcription School

Characteristics of the Best Medical Transcription Schools

The Best Medical Transcription Schools will have a competency based curriculum. In other words, they will prepare you to get a real medical transcription job – seat time and face time are foreign concepts to a competency based medical transcription training experience.
The best medical transcription schools will have deep industry relationships that can be documented and that lead to significant employment opportunities for the school’s graduates.

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The best medical transcription schools will have a comprehensive medical transcription curriculum teaching versions of human anatomy, physiology, disease processes, pharmacology, medical abbreviations, etc. that are tailored to medical transcription. You will notice a lot of schools out there that do not specialize. They are the jack of all trades school of medical transcription – also offering courses in veterinary assisting, home inspection, and auto repair, to name a few. Typically what you will find is that these schools do not do any of these things very well. They adapt a medical assisting course and release it as a medical transcription course. Be very careful here. The most important thing you will be looking for is evidence (and not just testimonials provided by the medical transcription school you are evaluating) that employers respect and hire graduates from the program. It helps to discover where medical transcription service providers are recruiting. This will give you some peace of mind in making your decision.
The best medical transcription schools will have a curriculum rich in practical application. That is, you should expect to spend about 50% of your time in the program actually transcribing medical reports. This is extremely important. And a point that is almost as critical is that the medical reports you transcribe in the medical transcription training program need to be actual physician dictated reports of recent vintage. Twenty year old practice dictation simply doesn’t expose you to the realities of the current healthcare market. Pharmaceuticals are constantly changing and evolving and even medical procedures and medical instrumentation are constantly evolving with new technology.

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