Medical Transcription School

Medical Transcription Employment

The options for Medical Transcription Employment are extremely varied and the demand is great. Medical transcription employers include:

  • large hospitals
  • large national medical transcription service organization
  • small and medium sized medical transcription service provider
  • clinic or physician groups
  • medical transcription schools
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The path you ultimately take will depend on a number of factors. Some of these factors include:

  • Level of Experience and Proficiency
  • Income Requirements
  • Benefit Requirements
  • Importance of Freedom and Flexibility
  • Personal Motivation
  • Risk Tolerance

Hospitals tend to be more rigid and bureaucratic in their approach to medical transcription employment. They also tend to pay by the hour - which makes it difficult for experienced and productive medical transcriptionists to maximize their earnings potential.
On the other hand, large hospitals can offer medical transcription employment benefits which far outweigh those provided by most medical transcription companies. These benefits may include guaranteed salaries, overtime pay, flex-time, sick leave, paid vacation, and perhaps most importantly - generous health care benefits. Also, if you are interested in pursuing a long-term career as a Medical Records Director or Hospital Administrator, a large hospital system will typically provide more opportunities for upward mobility.
Medical Transcription employment with one of the large national medical transcription companies tends to appeal to individuals seeking to maximize personal income and flexibility. Many medical transcription companies pay on a production basis - which means that proficiency is rewarded. Also, many medical transcription employment opportunities include the option of telecommuting. Working from home as a medical transcriptionist can play a significant role in swaying the decision.
Of course, working from home also has its drawbacks. A medical transcriptionist must be personally motivated in order to meet her production goals without continuous supervision. Also, distractions often abound - making it difficult to achieve a consistent level of production.
Ultimately, both medical transcription employment avenues provide tremendous opportunities for motivated individuals. Many medical transcriptionists migrate back and forth periodically as changes occur in their life. In any case, it is always a good idea to evaluate specific opportunities in depth before making final judgments.

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