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How Medical Transcription School is like Childbirth

Hey, our medical transcription school (or non-school) experience reminds me of another thing my wife and I did absolutely the hard way. You know how I said that my wife learned medical transcription on the job? Well listen to this! Maybe we are just slow learners!
When we were having kids, my wife decided that she really, really wanted to have babies at home. So being a supportive husband, I went along. Six of our kids were born at home. It was an experience to be sure. One time I was having a conversation with a close personal friend about his experience with childbirth. I described our home birth experience – complete with midwives hustling about (and not arriving on time for the last birth – but that is a story for another time!). Of course my wife (and the midwives) insisted on doing everything natural. That meant no drugs, no epidurals - just a healthy dose of weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth. And I was always close at hand during contractions so that my wife could squeeze my hand and / or dig her nails mercilessly into my flesh. By the way, I learned quickly not to complain about that… the first and only time I did I was met with the look of death and the unspoken words… what are YOU complaining about?!! I’m the one delivering an 8 pound baby here!! I digress… Breathing techniques took center stage as contractions progressed. By the time the baby came I was completely exhausted and required about twelve hours of uninterrupted sleep to fully recover. My wife and the baby were fine.

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As I finished describing this scene of complete home birth chaos to my friend he seemed incredulous and bewildered. I had naturally assumed that childbirth was pretty much the same for everyone.
Then he proceeded to tell me about HIS experience. Well, it went something like this. They arrived at the hospital. His wife got settled comfortably into bed. The contractions progressed until they became ever so slightly uncomfortable. His wife received an epidural. She then proceeded to read a book while he read a magazine. The baby was born and he kissed his wife and the baby and went back to work. When I heard this story I hung my head and cried like a baby myself. Had I only known there was an easier way!! Oh, don’t worry, we wouldn’t trade our home birth experiences for anything. But it does make you stop and think.
Well, medical transcription is a fabulous career, but there is a hard way to get into it and there is an easier way to get into it. To be fair, neither medical transcription training nor childbirth are simple experiences. But they both lead to really great outcomes. The important thing when considering a career in medical transcription is to choose the right medical transcription school. And you would do well to remember what I said earlier… not all medical transcription schools are going to generate the same outcome. Quality medical transcription training coupled with plentiful medical transcription job options are the things that really matter in the end. Of course cost is a very important consideration too. So overall, you are looking for the best combination of medical transcription training curriculum leading to documentable medical transcription job opportunities at the conclusion of training, and all at a very reasonable cost. That all adds up to VALUE!

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